Statements of validity, or at least someone's attempt at them. Essays of a pedagogical nature.

So What's the Question?

Stop and Listen

My Isle of Man

War Stories

Bottom Line

The Way

Death and Distraction

Honesty as Policy

You say abuse, I say torture


Fascism, media consolidation, brain washing and money grubbing

The Information Dichotomy

As the Double Helix Turns

So Much for Robin Hood




Immaculate Deception

All the News that Fits (the mold)

I Work


10 Easy Steps to Fucking Up the World

Radiation of Affinity

The U.S. Victory Speech - first draft

The Brain-Computer Interface

Losing for Life

Black & White

Time is on Their Side

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Comfort is the Culprit

Moderation in the Key of Me

No Fear

Silicon Valley Wasteland

Artists 2

E-Commerce is THE Commerce

Reality Congress

What's your Protocol?

Solving a Dream

Family Matters

Controlled Consensus

SF, or Why Tolerance is The Shit

Digital Overground

Ghost Hunting

The Rest of Us

City of Expression

Higher Power

Men and Love


Lost 2


Leveling Off


The Smoke Virus