Stop, this very second. And then do what you're stopping. Sit back and take a moment to savor the life you have.

Consider this a non-commercial break. It is so easy to get caught up in the rush to the next anticipated stimulus to dig what you've got.

I'm no different. I await my holidays and thrills just like everybody else: "Can't wait for the big night out." "We've got to get that trip together." "This weekend's gonna rock!"

And rock this moment doesn't? Step back out of the enclosure we call perspective and recognize our existence for what it is - pretty damn sweet!

I won't belabor you with personal tales or impersonal numbers regarding those truly suffering. It's more alienating than convincing. As pedantic as I am, I don't even like someone guilting me into liking my life.

Besides, the information is at your fingertips, if you want it. Just Google 'war and death'. You'll get plenty.

The fact is, unless you're a starving, blind quadriplegic with a fatal drug addiction, you're doing alright. There are still avenues for enjoyment. Unless you are sitting on Death Row after having burned every person who ever meant anything to you, chances are someone out there loves you. One will do.

We are surrounded by experiences waiting to happen. Potential is everywhere, hanging on our signal. Give into it and do that thing you've always meant to do. Or stop and soak up what you've already done.