Men and Love

Who says men don't know the meaning of love? Often criticized for reducing the feeling to a simple pleasure response, the testosterone laden sometimes step up and explain their take on it quite adequately, even defending its very nature.

One such example comes in the form of an article on the subject in U.S. News and World Report. Although the story - which attributed the feeling to biology and not romance - was compelling, it was the response that was most noteworthy.

Seven of the eight letter writers were men, all of which defended love as a pure, if indescribable emotion.

Jesse Mehrbach, of Lyme, NH, rebuked the article's contention by saying "...there are still some of us who will never believe that love begins with molecular collisions."

Another man, John A. Bell, accused U.S. News of converting courtship "into predetermined animal husbandry and robust gene pools. Thanks for shredding the last bit of mystique from my humdrum life," the Pleasanton, CA resident wrote.

But the most telling response came from an octogenarian from Austin, TX. "Short people fall in love. So do fat ones," said Hymie Samuelson. "I married a skinny girl who had narrow hips. Fifty four years later... I continue to fall in love with her."

There is little question physiology plays a part in love. But isn't denying this much more charming?