Higher Power

Maybe there isn't a God in the literal sense. But I do believe there is some higher power encouraging us to do well by one another and our surroundings. We just don't understand it, and we may never do so.

Like the Incas and the Norsemen paying homage to gods of weather before the science of meteorology, we may be personifying a force well beyond our grasp. I'd like to think this force is benelovent, not random. Perhaps it rewards us for helping our fellow man and benefitting society as a whole.

Who knows? We each could be cells throbbing with life not entirely our own. Maybe the stories are true. Earth is a body, a living organism. Or are we composed of molecular worlds ourselves?

With all of these wondrous possibilities, why would we squander our efforts trying to scam a few measly bucks from the guy next to us?