Rest Stop

I stop at the overlook like I tend to do, cut off the bike and take note of a fellow parked in a black luxury car. He turns around as I pull up. I nod, as I also tend to do at anyone I come across.

Thinking nothing of him, I proceed to my spot in the woods. I pack my pipe, light up and begin to take in the warm, rolling hills. As I exhale my first hit, I hear the snapping of branches behind me.

I turn to see the guy from the car stepping through the brush. He halts about 10 feet away and makes a remark about the wonderful weather. I respond in kind. Then he asks what I'm doing.

"I'm smoking a bowl, man," starting to sense where this might be going. He comes closer and asks if it's good. I reply that it's alright.

"Well, it smells good," he says. "Looks good too."

He puts out his hand and tells me his name. Trying to find a balance between being polite and dropping a hint, I shake his hand and identify myself.

He then reaches out and puts his hand on my shoulder. Instinctively, I move to remove it, but the man withdraws.

"It's OK. I'm just being friendly," he pleads.

"Dude, I'm married."

"So am I," he responds, flashing his band. "But I still love men. Why don't you let me suck you off? I've got a condom."

"No," I say. "That isn't my thing."

"OK," he says, relenting. "You're a nice man. Have a good day."

As he departs, I wish him well.

I finish my smoke and gather my gear. When I get back to my bike, the fellow is again in his car. But this time he doesn't turn around.

I put on my helmet and gloves, crank up the bike and start to roll. As I pass the car, he reaches out and waves. I flash him the peace sign and go.