Runoff Registration Pub Crawl - in Potrero Hill

Just in case you've totally recoiled since the governor's election and have not been attuned to the SF mayoral race, you really gotta know our man Matt Gonzalez made it to a runoff against wolf in wolf's clothing Gavin Newsom. With the final vote on Dec. 9, polls are starting to show Gonzalez taking the lead.

With just three weeks remaining, it is now imperative we get up ourselves and everyone around us who wants to see San Francisco preserved as a progressive laboratory of experimentation. More succinctly, if you don't like the encroachment of selfishness in this nation parading as patriotism and haven't yet registered to vote, you have exactly one week from this writing to do something about it.

If you're emboldened beyond satiation thru self-registration, try waking up that lazy friendayours. Or you can join the campaign directly this Thursday night. The fine folks who brought you "Representing in tha 'Loin" and "Castro is Matt's, yo" take the crawl to Potrero Hill for a rolling revival on new turf.

It will be fun no doubt. But we will also work to ensure the people we encounter understand Gonzalez is the only leader willing to question authority at a time when our authoritarians need questioning most. To participate, come to the Mission campaign office (1751 Mission @ 13th) by 9 p.m. Thursday.

If you need to contact me, email me immediately with the subject "Pub Crawl" to set up a meeting spot. Also, many other options exist for getting involved. Check out the Events section of Matt's website ( for listings or email


Added November 17, 2003
By C. "Claxton" Murray

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