Half Moon Beach Restoration


First off, I want to offer my apologize to those who contacted me expressing interest in this opportunity and seeking additional details. The information I gathered on my own was less than accurate, and I did not receive a call back from the coordinator of the event until the morning of it. Upon arrival, she told me she never received my sign-up form and request for information through volunteermatch.org. In any case, she urged those interested in joining them in the future to call (and not email) well in advance.

Despite the complications, this opportunity turned out to be fun, productive and educational. We spent a couple of hours clearing nonnative plantlife from around struggling clumps of native plants. We learned, for instance, that the nonnatives we were removing (Ice Plant - the succulent you see scattered along nearly all beaches in Northern California) arrived here as ballast in ships in centuries past. It was dumped from boats and took root, pushing out many native plants because it has no natural pests here.

In addition to information about plant and wildlife, the coordinators provided gloves and tools, such as pruning sheers and hoes. In all, they were organized, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They made no heavy demands and allowed folks to work at their own pace (incredibly important when you're trying to corral a couple of small children into helping out).

In short, I would recommend this opportunity to anyone looking to get outdoors, find out more about the California coastline and do some noticeable good. Just call first: 650-726-8801.

Added August 25, 2002
By C. "Claxton" Murray

If any of you addicts are interested in getting out for some volunteer work this weekend, you're invited to join me for a glorious day of dune and bluff restoration. Work will include planting native plants, removing exotics (nonnative), and maintaining trails. Then enjoying the beach! Individuals, families, and small and large groups welcome.

I plan on working Saturday, August 24, but the opportunity exists Sunday too. I've signed up through volunteermatch.org to work with the California Department of Parks and Recreation at Half Moon Bay State Beach. You can see a complete description of the opportunity at:

In the spirit of the AmbitiousAddict, I would encourage anyone interested in helping out at this event to contact me through the Deeds forum.

Added August 20, 2002
By C. "Claxton" Murray

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