Free Ed Rosenthal!

This is an unusual move for this site, but I'm urging readers to offer their support for Ed Rosenthal in anyway possible. If you're unfamiliar with this man, he's one of the leading proponents of marijuana decriminalization. If you're unfamiliar with his case, he was recently convicted of cultivating pot.

The kicker is that he was doing so on behalf of the City of Oakland for medical marijuana patients under the protection of California Proposition 215. Federal prosecutors, however, prevented this from being revealed to jurors, instead casting him as a pot-growing ne'er-do-well. Now this mild-mannered yet heroic man is facing a five-year minimum prison sentence.

You can find much more information about the case and even donate to Ed's defense fund at:

Added February 12, 2003
By AmbitiousAddict

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