Art Making for Fund-Raiser


I can't say enough good things about this organization. Although ArtSeed is in its infancy, it is incredibly organized and has strong direction. A large gathering of volunteers spent the day making everything from bookmarks to brochures. The coordinators had an ample supply of materials and instructions waiting for us and were quick to thank us for every bit of effort made.

I recommend helping them out in any way possible. I'll keep you posted on opportunities.

Added October 20, 2002
By C. "Claxton" Murray

Here's another volunteer activity you're invited to participate in with me. ArtSeed is looking for help making objects to sell at the Hunter's Point Open Studio's fund-raiser. To quote from the group's Web site: "ArtSeed is a charitable arts education organization connecting disadvantaged youths to artists, educators and professional resources."

Here's the skinny:

Contact me through a forum post or private message if interested.

Added October 9, 2002
By C. "Claxton" Murray

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